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Corporate Milestones

Ecoplast Ltd is recognized by the industry and customers as a knowledge driven enterprise with a clear focus on customer satisfaction. Ecoplast has built its reputation based on its ability to develop jointly with customers, multilayer film structures, based on the critical end use performance characteristics.

Some of the evolutionary milestones and multilayer film development for various applications over the three decades are


  • Ecoplast is the first Company in India to provide multilayer blown films for lamination to replace cast mono layer films, with significant advantages in the packaging process, bond strengths in lamination and significantly better mechanical properties.
  • Nestle's MAGGI brands standardized on Ecoplast films integral with the laminate.
  • Proctor & Gamble approves a high moisture barrier film for high speed vertical FFS packaging of Vicks Vapour Rub
  • Cadbury India approves a high abrasion resistance film integral with the paper laminate for Bournvita on a cekatainer Swedish packaging system.
  • Ecoplast becomes the first approved supplier of lami-tube films to Essel Propack Ltd
  • Film for an 8 ml shampoo sachet packed on a five track Hassia packaging line was developed for Hindustan Unilever. Films for shampoo packaging remain as one of the largest application for Ecoplast films.