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Quality Policy

“It is the policy of the company to deliver to the customers only those films which meet clearly established requirements. The company is committed to develop film structures, based on an understanding of the ultimate performance requirement of our customer’s product.

We will create an environment, which encourages employees to prevent defects.

We will strive to reduce costs with continual improvement in work processes, to maintain leadership and enhance customer satisfaction.

We will review the effectiveness of our quality management systems and quality objectives, periodically for its continual improvement.”

At Ecoplast, film quality is developed, based on a given set of performance standards generally accepted by the customer and the ultimate end user. Quality standards are documented in the form of a quality policy, quality objectives and procedures, carried out throughout the organisation starting with raw material procurement to final testing of the product and its verification before shipment to the customer. Ecoplast has a well equipped laboratory and a wide range of testing equipment to resolve almost all quality and technical issues that may be raised by a customer.

The quality policy defined under the three ISO standards is as follows:

ISO 14001: 2005
ISO 22000: 2005
ISO 9001: 2008