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Ecoplast’s Technical Services

In a multi-layer film the polymer, the equipment and the process variables combined, determine the level of crystallinty and orientation and in turn the resulting film properties. Thus we take great care in the design of the film so that the customer receives the best product possible.

The design of a multilayer film structure is based on pre-determined performance

Characteristics for:
  • The film/product compatibility
  • The lamination process
  • Machinability on the packaging line
  • Heat seal characteristics that matches the requirements of the packaging line
  • Storage (shelf life), handling and transportation conditions.

The following Technical Service Notes are available for reference by customers on request:
  • The resistance of polyethylene to chemicals and reagents.
  • Factors affecting seal integrity of films and laminates.
  • The right multilayer film for a packaging application

These Technical Service Notes combined with the expertise of Ecoplast’s outstanding engineers, helps customers to derive the critical performance characteristics of multilayer films for a specific application.

To systematically evaluate the performance of a trial film roll supplied and to maintain a record of the evaluation, a Technical Service Note titled “Evaluation and Validation of Films” is provided to customers. Based on the results of the evaluation, the film specifications are recorded, a product code assigned for that specific structure, for reference for all future film supplies. This allows the customer to make repeat orders without hassle.