As a manufacturing specialist, Ecoplast has state-of-the-art machinery from leading technology and machine manufactures in the world. Our machines give us the capabilities to delivery an outstanding product and allow us to constantly innovate better methods of production.

We currently have following facilities available to us at our plant in Valsad, Gujarat.
  • Latest generation state- of -the art blown film 3-layer co-extrusion plants. The advanced configurations of the plants allow us to process all polyolefins and special polymers to maximize the film performance for various applications. The total capacity is approximately 750 MT per month at Ecoplast.
  • Imported wide width long repeat 3 color printing and lamination machine specially suitable for Surface Protection and Masking Application Films.
  • Imported state –of- the- art and precision adhesive coating machine fitted with various coating heads to handle diverse adhesives and coat weights
  • Precision high speed, slitting & slicing machines to take care of post printing operations.
  • State of the art quality control equipments.

Positive air pressure is maintained in the manufacturing area at all times to ensure maximum productivity and excellent product quality. The hygiene is maintained perfectly by ensuring that all plants are dust free.